The brief history of human group-thinking creeds


At specific points in human history, either an economic crisis or an economic blossom sustain the sufficient resources for regional civilizations to rethink certain aspects of their life, ending in group-thinking creeds.

Group-thinking Creeds

The group of people shares the same idea of partial aspects of their consciousness.

Creed 0 — The Creator

At the beginning of time, there were the first, then the second. Life was so pure and primitive but boring. Thus, people in this age keep thinking about their ancestors and the first ones.

Creed 1 — The Enlightenment

The meaning of life was so uncertain, fragile, and volatile. The representation of reality was so blurry and ambiguous. Thus, people gather around and brainstorm about the true meaning of life. The one who can describe their remarkable explanation of life is called The enlightened one.

Creed 2 — The Savior

Life was so hard and brutal, that some extraordinary people rise up and save the population from the dark age.

Creed 3 — The Leader

Group thinking was so developed and people are free to develop their own goals. Group thinking is now more fined-grain and no single one can declare them all like the previous creeds.


Each group-thinking creed has its own benefits and drawbacks. However, any of them help the creed gain certain power in all aspects of the specie.

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