Where does sin come from?

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This article is based on the personal experience of living which is inaccurate and close-minded. For a while, I was been thinking about the nature of sin from religious terms, old ages novels, modern books,… but the issue is that most of them redirect the source of sin into bad practices or pre-destination, and none of them are technical and specified enough to be explained in a way that average persons like me can understand. So that I have a good reason to bring you this article.

Sins are when you face your mistake, it is nothing to be feared or avoided but to learn and master.

Think about sin like any other technical term then you can build yourself sin-driven development.

Observable sins

Greater good/lesser good

This good is more or less good than other good

In my opinion, this is the no.1 of where do sins come from. The belief that someone has a good reason to declare things from someone else has been there around us for thousands of years. No matter it is about originality, inheritance, feudatory, science-based, religious-based, revolutionizing, or any fact people could think of, it will come at a price. Good doesn’t mean god!


The average solution comes with an acceptable cost

Once you think you can see the average, you decide to ship it since it comes with an acceptable cost. But the fact is, you can’t see the average and nobody cares about your well-specified explanation of how the solution comes with that cost.


That thing is well-exploited and no more to research

For thousands of years, reinventing the wheel was never getting old no matter how hard people try to stop it. Especially when you don’t share the same wheel with others! Stop reinventing the wheel is the same with stop the wheel.


This is how the world looks like

Once you face an entity, you tend to classify it and group it with others but future observations may not be the same as what you have already experienced and you had just judged more than what you can see.

Seek for leading

I was born to lead!

‘Leading’ is not an art, it is a curse that many seek for it and die in endless hopelessness. And the best part is that you can’t stop people from seeking to lead. Sometimes people don’t even care about what to lead, they just want to lead! Most of the time, leading itself chooses the one.


I have virtue, I deserve goodness

Virtue doesn’t come with benefits and goodness doesn’t have a vision but you are. Virtue is super costly compared to most of the drugs.


This is the perfect solution, the ultimate choice, an all-win bet!

And then everything starts to fall, people try to blame each other sins like Well-known, insufficient virtue, …


An eye for an eye!

The pie is still growing, you just don’t see it. You can’t touch it doesn’t mean it’s not here. Your sight defines your sum, not the pie itself.


We don’t need this tool by now!

Nobody knows exactly what they need until they die in the flood of failures and misdirections.


There may be potential sources of sins, research about sins, and materials that I was not able to reach. For example, the Bible, Muslim, ancient geeks, equipment that cost more,… I can only write about observable sins, there may be unobservable sins, too.


This article is just about some of my near-sighted thoughts but at least we have a good place to talk about it I hope.

Please let me know your thoughts and put your own experiences in the comment section!




A regular mammal

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Tran Chien

Tran Chien

A regular mammal

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